チェックイン前・チェックアウト後の荷物預かりは可能ですか?  Is luggage storage available before check-in and after check-out?

Luggage storage is available from 7am on the day of check-in, and until 10pm on the day of check-out.

お部屋にシャワー・トイレはありますか?  Are there showers/toilets in the rooms?

There are no showers/toilets in the rooms. There are 3 mix-gender shower booths/toilets on the 2F and 3 ladies-only shower booths/toilets on the 3rd floor. All of them are shared among guests.

喫煙はできますか?  Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Please use the smoking area located outside the main entrance on the 1st floor.

門限はありますか?  Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew. Please use the night-time usage door from 10pm to 7am the following day.

駐車場はありますか?  Is there parking space?

There is no exclusive parking space for the hostel. Please use the coin-operated parking spaces nearby. Guests may park motorcycles/bicycles on the premises. 

自転車レンタルはできますか?  Can guests rent bicycles?

Rental bicycle services are available. The fee is 1000 yen for one day and 500 yen for 3 hours.

ホステル宛に荷物を郵送できますか?  Can guests send luggage to the hostel?

Yes, guests may send their luggage to the hostel. Please send all luggage with the day of check-in and guest name written on the delivery form. After checking booking information and details on the delivery form, we will store luggage from 3 days prior to the day of check-in.

京都駅からのアクセスを教えてください。How can I get to the hostel from Kyoto Station?

There are 3 means of transportation to get to the hostel: ①taxi, ②bus, and ③train.
①Catch a taxi from the taxi stand at Kyoto Station’s Karasuma Exit. Please tell the driver the address of the hostel or to “Kawabata-marutamachi wo Higashi and 2nd shingo wo kita”. (20~30min)
②Take the Kyoto City Bus “206” bound for “Kita-oji Bus Terminal” from Kyoto station’s Karasuma exit bus stand “D2”. Get off the bus at the stop, “Kumano Jinja Mae”. The hostel will be a 5min walk away.
③Take a train bound for “Nara” on JR Nara Line, and get off at “Tofukuji” station. Transfer to the Keihan Line and take the train bound for “Demachiyanagi”. Get off at “Jingu-marutamachi” station. The hostel will be a 4min walk away.(※Please note that the limited express does not stop at “Jingu-Marutamachi” Station.)